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Learning is
not an
event but
a process

Learning is a process of building awareness, acquiring knowledge, and understanding, applying, refining by trials, and making creative extensions to bring about the desired change. For imparting learning on this spectrum, our learning programs are designed along scientific principles by learning experts.

We understand that each type of learning goal requires its own learning process for the learning to be effective and retained. In the course of designing programs to address various kinds of learning goals, we have designed several learning processes: MetaTrainingTM, Challenger Game-based learning, Story-based learning, Role-play / Simulation, P3, Exploration, LAF, Action Workshop, and Strategic Action Workshop.

Learning process in action…

We believe that learning is a process, rather than event. Our programs are interventions with learners of varied lengths as required for the learning to get habitualized. Our programs invariably have follow-through components to sustain the learning momentum.

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