‘Immy’ is a powerful immersive learning methodology, Novel, innovative & proprietary learning. This program offers highly personalized, contextualized, customized learning experience to the learners.

- Immersive: Since the VR method of learning is extremely immersive in nature, participants are sure to increase chances of enhanced information retention.

- Personalized: At 361 Learning, a personalized learning approach is adapted that uses technology in the classroom to pace instruction to match students’ needs and tailor learning to their interests works.

- Contextualized: Contextual teaching and learning as a concept that helps the learner relate the meaning through prior and new knowledge to get new understanding

- Customized: This learning process, is specifically customized to suit every learner, in their own way and give an enhanced learner experience.

- Byte sized: Microlearning or bite-sized learning refers to breaking a large chunk of subject matter into smaller and simpler modules to accelerate learning. The merits of this method would be enhanced information retention and increased opportunities for interactions.


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