361 Advantage
as a learning

For us, “the way you tell is as important as what you tell”; for us method is as important as content. Depending on the learning objective, learner audience, time and cost variables we design the most suitable and apt methodology to facilitate learning of the content.

Some of the Methodologies we employ to make learning
more effective and experiential:

Gamification to make learning exciting and adhesive. With the addition of millennials and Gen-Z into the workforce, the need to make learning crisp, competitive, and social has become more pronounced. We mesh best of learning sciences with exciting gaming environment to provide learners with compelling learning experience.

Simulation to make learning mimic real life. More the learning process is seen to aid and better everyday life of the learner, more will be the adhesion and greater will be the absorption of learning. We use simulations to great effect.

Role-plays as a tool to personalise and accelerate learning. We use action learning to bring about the desired change. We use scientifically designed role-plays to demonstrate the utility of learning and make the learning more relevant and experiential to learners everyday affairs.

Micro-learning as a method to drip learning. For us learning absorption and internalisation are paramount; towards this we devised learning methodologies like “Liffy” which combine the power of bite-sized learning with adult learning principles to greatly enhance learning absorption and retention.

ReWoCs for better connect and context. ReWoCs are real world connects, we use ReWoCs to offer context and increase the relevance to the learner. ReWoCs help learners to relate with the concept better and deepen the understanding.

We believe in not adding more knowledge to the already cluttered minds, but to devise methodologies for helping them to translate their knowledge into action. We have a proven ability to triangulate the right learning methodology for the given learning goal, audience and content, to make learning work for you.

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