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for scale,
experience& engagement

We understand application of technology for learning and education. For us technology is a great enabler; enabler of scale, enabler of rich learning experience and enabler of constructive learner engagement.

Some of our technology applications for better
learning experience and effectiveness:

E-coaching for better learning absorption. E-Coaches are SMEs who work with learners to strengthen understanding, clarify concepts and facilitate learners journey from knowing to doing, knowledge to application.

Observers for learning acceleration. As in real world, observers play the role of informed and knowledgeable well-wishers. Our learning platform i-meta, allows learners to add ‘Observers’ of their choice, who can observe the learner progress and add value as they see fit.

AR to make learning captivating. Beyond the captivation of fascinating AR veneer, we use ‘Augmented reality’ to democratise learning, to make learning greatly relevant and almost real-time; We has mastered the art of using AR dopamine of learning.

VR to make learning absorbing and immersive. Our research into immersive learning is discovering newer ways and means to harness the power of virtual environment to personalise, contextualise and customise learning.

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