AI won't replace business leaders; business leaders who understand AI will replace who don't.

Industry Value: 2018
USD 24.9 Billion
An industry with huge scope and a lot of challenges.
Expected Industry Growth (2019-2025)
46.2% CAGR
Opportunity to get early movers advantage
Driver for change
77% Customers
According to Salesforce, 77% customers believe that chatbots will transform expectations from the company
Social media leading AI tech
Social Wars
Every social media is heavily invested in AI technology and using it to leverage data.
Global Economy 2030
USD 15.7 Trillion
According to PwC AI could add close to USD 15.7 Trillion in global economy.
AI based Big Data
By 2025, 463 Exabyte of data will be created daily. AI will be required to leverage it.
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361DM  brings to you 'AI for Leaders'

A comprehensive digital workshop crafted exclusively for leaders, covering the basic understanding of AI at conceptual level to it's implementation in solving real time business problems.

Contextualized content and personalized pedagogy to suit the learner's area of interest/ industry and demographics respectively.

Just as the proof of the pudding is in eating, we testify ourselves by handholding the learner through the planning and execution of an AI initiative of their choice over a period of 8 weeks after the conclusion of workshop.

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Siva Sai

SVP - AI Product at Active Intelligence

I have been managing and implementing AI projects in various countries since 2000. My projects have been implemented across governments and even Defence.

Gopinathan CP

Chief Integrator & Co-founder - 361DM

With 25+ years of experience consulting business leaders and CXOs, I now head the AI initiatives at 361 Degree Minds.

AI in different FUNCTIONS
Time to Super charge your business with power of AI

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