AP  101

Any business organization has two basic processes that are fundamental to their operation: revenue and expenses, or “money in” and “money out.”

Management typically works hard to drive revenue, since once fixed costs are paid nearly every bit of incremental revenue goes straight to the bottom line.

The accounting department, however—and more specifically, the accounts payable section—stands watch over the money flowing out of the organization.

The accuracy and completeness of a company's financial statements are dependent on the accounts payable process.

Implementing a dependable accounts payable system will produce accurate financial information you need to plan for both the short and long term.

It is essential for every organization to make a highly efficient accounts payable workflow an imperative.

Quick Look

Why 361 AP 101?

‘361 AP 101’ focuses on building first level domain knowledge in the area of Accounting Payables.

Who should attend?

This course is extremely useful for final year college
students, Job seekers, People who have just started their career or those who are looking to add domain knowledge in the area of Accounting Payables.

What will we achieve?

The 361 AP 101 program broadly focuses on achieving the following goals:

• Assessing current understanding of Accounting Payables amongst the participants.

• Understanding the importance of purchasing/procurement in an organization.

• Analyzing data entry or invoice processing along with AP controls, policies and Standard Metrics.


361 LEARNING will aim at creating context questionnaires, along with which, interviews with executives will also be conducted over a period of two days.

Post implementation of pan organization assessment, participant specific practices will be allocated, and monitoring tools are offered to facilitate change.


The rapidly changing landscapes should be a marker to show that teaching methods need to evolve to keep up with the times and incorporate integrated technologies into the learning modal.

The program takes the form of a ‘Challenger’ game.

Session Plan

There will be a total of 13 sessions of 3 learning capsules each. Every session will be 60 minutes long.

Instructor led session (Offsite)

Taking word from some of the best in the business is sure to be supremely helpful.

An Instructor led session will take place for a time span of one day in a classroom.

On Day 1 , Knowledge sessions will be conducted that will include psychometrics as well.

On Day 2, it shall comprise of Communication / Presentation gym, that will also include drills.


This program covers the fundamental elements of Accounting Payables that include understanding useful business terms, introduction into the purchase process, introduction to Account Payables & Outsourcing AP and Invoice Document Management.

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