Competency Assessment

Knowledge of competencies and competency modeling is increasingly important for workplace learning professionals tasked with learning results.

Effective implementation of competencies is, in the final analysis, more important than strategic goals.

If developing talent is critical to the future success of organizations, then understanding and using competencies to create a more talented workforce is key to maintaining a competitive edge.

Competencies – More Important than Strategic Goals

In the case of organizational competencies being properly managed, it is more likely that the team identifies & adopts appropriate strategic goals and ensures that all parts of organization are tightly aligned.

Learning and performance professionals have an important role to play in this future success through the use of competencies.

Organizational competencies are often thought to be simply employee skills rather than the compelling cross-company core competencies that drive integrated business execution and management alignment.

Quick Look

Why 361 ACT?

Focus on organizational competencies is more critical to achieving team alignment, effective execution and the right allocation of scarce resources.

361 ACT focuses on assessing and building competencies & skills of the participants, in line with those of organization.

Who should attend?

This course is extremely useful in for employees at all levels of the organization, irrespective of industry.

What will we achieve?

The 361 ACT program broadly focuses on achieving the following goals:

Assessing current understanding of organizational competencies amongst the participants.

• Understanding where the organization collectively stands with respect to organizational competencies.

• Analyzing current and future level capability.

• Monitoring offered practices to ensure behavioral change and skill formation.


361 LEARNING will aim at creating context questionnaires, along with which, interviews with executives will also be conducted over a period of two days.

Post implementation of pan organization assessment, participant specific practices will be allocated, and monitoring tools are offered to facilitate change.


The rapidly changing landscapes should be a marker to show that teaching methods need to evolve to keep up with the times and incorporate integrated technologies into the learning modal

‘Blended’ Learning will be adopted for this program, a mixture of e-Learning and traditional face-to-face learning.

A blended learning approach ensures that the learner is engaged. This approach also helps cater to the individual needs of the participant.

Online - Assessment session

An online assessment session takes place for a time span of 30 minutes for 3 days.

Instructor led session (Offsite)

Taking word from some of the best in the business is sure to be supremely helpful. An Instructor led session will take place for a time span of one day in a classroom.

Follow Through

The follow through process will involve participant specific recommended practices to be followed for six months, with supervision from high end management.

Batch Size

The batch of 361 ACT will have no participant limit.

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