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Today’s learners are often overwhelmed with too much information. They are often distracted by competing priorities and are impatient to get the information that is needed.

When micro-learning is incorporated, it becomes able to meet the needs of the learners by providing bite-sized pieces of information that are easy to digest.

Micro learning is a method of delivering learning content in tiny, bite-sized bursts targeting specific, concise topics.

It has become popular in the workplace training because of its accessibility, engagement levels and effectiveness.

Learn in a Jiffy.

It is important to analyze, why micro-learning training is critical to understand and implement for the future of work.

When aligned with formal training methods and implemented on online platforms, micro learning has the potential to support professional development.

When learning time is short and the need is evident, that’s where micro-learning works its magic!

Quick Look

Why Liffy My First?

The main objective of this program is to successfully coach and engage the participants in learning how to handle first time situations in an organization.

Liffy- My First contains 50 razor sharp, highly relevant topics that are sure to be supremely helpful.

Who should attend?

Liffy- My First is exclusively designed for Millennials ranging from the age group of 20-27.

What will we achieve?

Liffy - My First will enhance Millennial Engagement, productivity and be their virtual mentor in the organization.

Why 361 DM?

Being one of the pioneers in tech enabled learning, 361 Learning has left its global learning thumbprint across all industries and levels.

The program is specifically a gamified micro learning program that also includes attention/assessment quiz that are conducted and access to discussion boards, e-library , blogs and more.

Time Demand on learner

This program is entirely digital can be accessed anywhere/anytime by the learners. Each module takes just about 10 minutes.

Learning timelines can be determined by the HR/Line Manager.

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