Workplace-related laws like the anti-sexual harassment laws have been established and emphasized in India with the objective of creating better workplaces.

A mix of legal, administrative, secretarial, organizational, training, communications and personnel-related skillsets is necessary for any expert to be able to help an organization with adequate implementation.

Vision, without Execution,
is delusion.

This is a huge challenge for organizations and presents an emerging opportunity for HR managers, professionals, experts, consultants and even lawyers to establish their expertise and help businesses in compliance, training, and building systems forcreation of safe and gender sensitive workplaces.

The ‘361 POSH’ program aims at educating and creating awareness on the POSH Act and effective implementation at the workplace.

Quick Look

Why 361 POSH?

Awareness of the POSH Act and building a culture of gender sensitivity is vital for the success of the organization in the long run.

The main objective of this program is to enable the participants to successfully create awareness, heed effective implementation at workplace,ensuring compliance with the law and to know the Do’s & Don’ts.

Who should attend?

361 POSH’ is open to professionals from all levels, irrespective of the industry.

This program is recommend for all employees to go through.

Participants belonging to HR and Management should take additional sessions on effective implementation of the Act, forming Internal Committees and also aligning with the Management Policies of the ACT.

What will we achieve?

The program broadly focuses on achieving these specific goals.

• Understanding the cognitive and practical obstacles in order to craft & execute winning strategies.
• Learning the key elements of strategy execution and understanding how they need to be aligned to achieve success in execution
• Knowing how to create appropriate organizational architecture and culture to facilitate the execution of a chosen strategy
• Exploring ways to deal with execution blockages.


The rapidly changing landscapes should be a marker to show that teaching methods need to evolve to keep up with the times and incorporate integrated technologies into the learning modal.

Class room sessions will be adopted for this particular program.

Learning Process

’Awareness to Action’ will be the learning process followed.

Instructor led session (Offsite)

Taking word from some of the best in the business is sure to be supremely helpful. An Instructor led session will take place for a time span of two days in a classroom.

Batch Size

This batch of ‘361 POSH’ will have up to 30 participants.

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