Understanding StressProact
People experience stress (distress) in their professional and personal lives. Though stress is natural, the trouble comes when they either cannot ‘manage’ their stress, or don’t know how to. Undoubtedly, this inability gradually leads to lower mental and physical productivity of the person and adverse impacts on the atmosphere he or she creates around.

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Target Audience
People (students, managers, professionals, etc.) who experience continuous or high levels of unmanaged stress can lead to under-productivity and depletion of human resource. Our StressProact program enables its participants (learners) to understand stress in perspective and manage it better.

Quick Look

Program Objectives

• To educate people about stress in the right perspective

• To create awareness about unhelpful lifestyle habits

• To impart stress- diminishing simple techniques that people can adopt everyday and in situations

• To coach people for a few weeks while they practice the newly learnt habits and techniques

This holistic program is designed and conducted by a team of medical practitioners and L&E experts. It suggests lifestyle preferences, simple and easy-to-do techniques for beating stress and provides tool-kit for self-assessment and reviews, apart from imparting vital stress education. Learners are also given web modules for recaps and refreshers. This 30-day program is conducted in two phases - Live Workshop and Follow-through Period.

What you Learn?

The live workshop is conducted by our medical experts, and covers the following aspects:

Education - Knowledge about stress
Learners will be explained in detailed yet simple ways the science of stress -what is stress, how to identify stress, types of stress, how much stress doesthe learner have, what all could be causing the stress, effects of stress onbody, how could the learner take control.

Lifestyle Codes - Education and Application in nature
Learners are given directional dos and don’ts of lifestyle with respect to their actions, attitudes, and habits every day. The Lifestyle Codes are divided into 8 kinds.

SWATs - Learn and Practice in nature
Learners are taught SWATS (Stress Winning Action Tips) in a ‘do-as-I-do’mode, and they practice them under supervision by the medical expert.SWATs are of 3 kinds to suit different situations and time availability.

What you Get?

At the end of the live workshop, each learner picks specific SWATs and Lifestyle Codes depending upon each one’s needs and commits to practicing them over the ensuing 4 weeks after the live workshop.

Learners are given follow-through material to help them maintain the continuity. They get -

1. An illustrative Booklet of the SWATs that they have already learnt to do from the medical expert in the live workshop.

2. A ready reference Work book containing stress related Diagnostic Tests and Lifestyle Codes.

3. A tool kit containing Tracker,Planner, and Assessment tables for SWATs and Lifestyle Codes.

4. A login ID for accessing our e-touch platform, where they come across Recaps, Reviews and Tests for four weeks.

5. Queries are answered on coverage of the live workshop and current practice of SWATs and Lifestyle Codes.

361º Vital Overview

StressProact program follows the learning process called“Action Workshop”. Action Workshop in general is a drill-oriented intervention. It follows ‘watch-do-practice-review’ sequence in learning a skill.

For StressProact, the Action Workshop methodology consists of assessment, education, demo, goal setting,planning, practice, and reviewing - cyclical and linear in parts.

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